Day 9 – 15/6/15

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Today we woke up early, but I was the last one awake.  We went to breakfast and this time I had scrambled egg with nothing on it but bacon.  I also had musli and yougurt and dora toast which is french toast.  I had an orange juice.

After breakfast we went for we relaxed a bit before going to Chaweng.  We all rode together to get there and it took 1 hour to get there.  It started spitting when we got on the motorbike.  Chaweng is a part of Koh Samui but it is the main shopping part.  We went to the shopping centre what was called Center Festival.  There was no such thing like this in Adelaide.  It was all outdoors.  Me and tyrus were begging mum and dad to go to the playground and my dad said we could once he had his coffee.  While Daddy was getting his coffee from starbucks he also ordered a raspberry slushie which Tyrus and I shared half each it one cup each.

When we were going back to the bike me and Tyrus were allowed to go onto the playground.  There was a little seat what was like a bucket that you were aloud to sit it and when you did it made you go around and around and around.

We rode back to Lamai to get lunch.  We ate lunch at our indian friends restarunt.  His name is Sonny.  I ate spaghetti and a half cheese burger and my brother and I shared a real banana smoothie.

After lunch we came back to the hotel and we watched a dragon girl movie while my mum had a nap.

We went to a Christys Oven and it was on Lamai Ring Road.  I had a ham pineapple and cheese wood oven pizza and water.

After dinner my daddy and I went to Herbs, a massage shop.  I had a Thai massage and my dad had a foot massage.  I loved it because the lady did pop pop on my toes.  She asked me if I was ok and I said yah.  She was hard how I always like it.

Mummy and Tyrus walked up to meet us and we all rode back to Aloha. My mum walked me back to the 7/11.  I got a healthy flavoured milk like yucult.  I also got some biscuits and treats which cost 25baht all together.  I wasn’t allowed to eat it all so I have saved some for tomorrow.

Then I went to bed.


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