Day 8 – 14/6/15

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Day 8, our first morning in Koh Samui. nice and humid (sticky) 30 degrees. I had a nice big breakfast; bacon, eggs, croissant, muesli and pineapple/orange fresh juice.  After breakfast, we went to the beach for a swim and played. I found a baby crab and screamed because it was trying to pinch me. We then went into the pool for a swim. For lunch,we went to our friends restaurant called apple bar.  I ate a chicken and lettuce croissant with lettuce tomato and chicken in it.  I also got a very good smoothy what was only called blueberry.  It was dilishes.

After lunch we had a little nap to rest before we went to get a massage.  My dad got a 1 hour thai massage and me and my mum got a half an hour massage each.  It was relaxing.  The lady was nice.

We hired a motorbike and it was red and white.  I was in the front my dad was the driver behind me Tyrus was behind my dad and my mum was behind Tyrus.  We rode down to the walking markets.  The walking markets is a place a place where no cars are aloud and you have to walk.

When we got there we walked past balloons and watches and many different clothes and food stalls.

For dinner I had some of mummys tiros which was chicken and salad.  I had some of daddys coconut patties which were half of a mini coconut with no sugar and it felt like a pancake.  I also had some red spare ribs, they only had a little bit of meat on them.  I saw the beach at the end of the trail.  We were walking back and we got a smoothy, we had yogurt milk, water and cream with real strawberries.  I got the cup and Tyrus started crying because he had to get a bag for his with a rubber band around the top near the straw.  After the walking makers we rode to Mr TAHAMS which is a tattoo guy.  I looked at his black cat called meow meow and also pictures what Mr Tham drew and they were really good.

It was late so we had to go straight to bed because it was so so late, it was 9:15pm.

I had a very fun day.

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