Day 7 – 13/6/15

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We had to wake up very early to eat breakfast because we had to catch another plane to Koh Samui.  For breakfast I had boiled eggs, French toast, cereal, juice and crispy bacon. When we got back to our hotel room, we had to pack our bags quickly. We caught a taxi to  the airport.

On the plane there were a total of only 14 people on it. The plane flight only took 40 minutes to ooh Samui. This is my third time to Samui!.

When we got on the shuttle bus, my thong fell off onto the ground and we had to yell out , “stop, stop”!! Finally the driver stopped and my mum picked up the thong.

We stayed at the Aloha Hotel. We have stayed here before. It is very quiet at Aloha at the moment and maybe only 15 -20 other people. It is like having the WHOLE place to ourselves. AWESOME!!

We visited our massage friends. They love us. For dinner we had chic hen and rice at our friends restaurant on the beach at “Baobab”.

They have the best restaurant on Koh Samui!.

After that, we had a bath then went to bed.

Day 7 was fantastic.


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