Day 6 – 12/6/15

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In the morning me and my dad woke up really early.  We were waiting for Mum and Tyrus and my Mum was snoring a bit.  When my Mum and Tyrus woke up we went to breakfast together.  Right next to breakfast there was a little lake with lots of fish in it there were goldfish, cat fish and coy fish.  Before we ate our breakfast we fed the fish some fish bread.  When me and my dad were about to feed the fish my dad saw a crocodile but it was actually a lizard.   It was huge.  For breakfast I had, a scrambled egg, bread, a croissant with nit noi (a little bit) of chocolate on it and some fruit.  I had dragon fruit, dragon fruit is pink on the outside and white with black dots on the inside. I also found some other fruit that was like smooth like a dragon on the inside and some bits on the outside are a bit spikey.  It was weird.

After breakfast we went back to the hotel to let our tummy settle and put on some sunscreen.  Daddy went for a walk along the monkey trail to get us lunch and mummy took us swimming in the big pool.  We went underneath the cave and it was very wet.  On top of the cave we went in the spa which was one meter deep.

After swimming we went back to the hotel to have lunch because our dad was back.  Tyrus and I ate fried rice and spring rolls.

At dinner we went to a buffet and there was fire dancing on that night.  My brother and I met some girls and a boy. The girls names was Maddie and Emmalay and the by was named Jake.  The food was all traditional Thai food, they also had sushi, chicken, crunchy prawns and thai deserts.  While we were eating there was Thai girls dancing on stage.  First there was 5 girls but one came out at a time the first lady came out kicking her feet and doing twirls and spins.  When all 5 girls were in they were all dancing together.  Then fire twirlers came on and it ate fire.

It put the fire on its body but he didn’t get hurt.  he wanted Jake and Tyrus to come up with him and do it too but they said no.

It was a very good night.

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