Day 5 – 11/6/15

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In Thailand day 5 we went to Phi-Phi Island.  We went by a ferry.  We had to board the ferry at nine thirty am.   It was very windy on the undercover area of the ferry but outside the ferry was hot and sticky.  First we passed chicken island.  It was called chicken island because it looked like a chickens face.  Next we saw monkey beach.  Monkey beach was a beach with lots of monkeys on it.  Every single adult took a picture of monkey beach.

After that we got to have lunch in a restaurant.  A lady in the restaurant taught me how to say yin-dee-di-die-phop-khun which means ‘nice to meet you’.

While we where on phi phi island we went for a walk to go to the 7/11.  Tyrus and I got an ice-cream each.  Tyrus had a magnum royal and I had a cornetto.  On our way back to the boat we saw a monkey and his name was JoJo.  We got to hold onto the monkey.  JoJo was wearing clothes and it stroked Tyrus’s head when he was holding onto it.

When it was time to go onto the boat again we went snorkelling with a few people on the boat.  Was saw bad coral (sea urchin) that would make you bleed it you touched it and there was a lot of fishies, there was angel fish, clown fish and lots of other tropical fish.  Some people stayed on the boat to keep the babies safe.  After we had to go onto the boat to go back to Centara.  I felt sea sick on the boat.  When we got back to centara we had dinner.  After that we had to go to bed.  Day 5 was excellent.


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