Day 4 – 10/6/15

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Today we had to get up really really really early to catch a plane to Krabi.  We had to eat our breakfast quickly and pack our bags to get downstairs to catch a taxi to the airport.  The taxi driver taught us some words to say, like dee mak mak which means very very good.  It took only like 1 hour and 15 minutes to get to the Airport.

At the airport we went to the bangkok airways lounge and Tyrus got to hop inside a mini playground because it was for kids only 5 years and younger.  I wasn’t allowed and I started crying because I wanted to go in to.  Then my mum showed me around the corner there was popcorn and I also got a mini muffin iced tea and an orange juice for free and also dried fruit fries.  It tasted like normal french fry chips, like the lollie chips.

Then we hopped onto the plane and it was really bad luck this time because there was no mini iPads on the plane this time.  This time we didn’t all sit next to each other in a row because it was a smaller plane. My mum sat next to me and my dad sat next to Tyrus.  Tyrus and I sat next to the window which was good and me and tyres were bored so the lady gave every kid in the plane a little aeroplane booklet to all the kids with stickers in it.

When we got to Krabi airport, it was a very very very very teeny tiny airport.  We had to check the time table for the bus and buy a ticket.  We hopped on a H73 bus which is a big bus which stopped to drop off people at heaps of hotels.  We were the last people on the bus to be dropped off.

When we got dropped off a person told us where to walk to tell us how to get to where the ferry picked us up from.  While we were waiting more people came and there was a girl who was called crystal and we talked together.  We played in the sand and dipped our feet in the water.  When the boat came we hopped on and after 15 minutes we got to the jetty at our hotel.  the jetty was bouncy bouncy, it was made out of plastic and you might get stinger or bite by a jelly fish if you fall in.  The hotel is called centara resort and it is a very nice hotel.

The lady showed us how to get to our room and told us to keep our doors closed so the monkeys couldn’t get in.

After we put our stuff in our room we went for a swim in the pool.  We could see the beach from the pool.  In the pool there was another pool with a cave and you were allowed to go underneath it.

We got dinner at our hotel.  We had spring rolls with plum sauce.  it was very nice



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