Day 3 – 9/6/15

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In the morning we went downstairs for breakfast.  I ate a boiled egg, toast, bacon and also a small cinnamon donut and me and Mum sat together when my brother and Dad went up stairs.  We shared a yummy waffle with bacon, whipped cream and maple syrup on it.  It was so yummy.

After breakfast we went back to the hotel room and we had to relax for an hour to let our tummies settle.  We then went to MBK to walk around and do some shopping.

Tyris and I found some Muay Thai gloves and Thai Boxing shorts.  I chose light blue gloves and dark blue and white shorts.  The man asked for 1900 baht but my Mum said no.  She offered 1200.  The man said no, that he couldn’t and told my mum that it was too cheap.  He then offered last price at 1700 baht.  My mum said no again and told him to tell her his very best price.  He told her that 1700 was his very best price.  My mum then said 1600 baht and he told her his boss would say no.  Mum asked to talk to his boss so the man called her on the phone.  My mum said 1600 or we would walk away and we would not buy it.  My mum also said chok dee for you and me to her which means good luck for mum and the lady.  The lady said ok and we got to get our gloves and shorts.

Then we had lunch on level 6 at MBK.  Tyrus and I had chicken satays, they were 20 baht each, which is about 80 cents in Australia.  I ate 4.

After lunch we went back to the hotel and got into our bathers to go to the pool.  We had a spa and a swim.  It was very fun.

Before dinner we went  shopping at MBK again and I bought a beautiful dress with lots of colours on it and it had blue and white flowers painted on it.  The lady asked for 180 baht, which is about $7 for it but my Mum bartered with her and got it down to 120 baht which is about $4.20.

Then we went back to level 6 to get dinner.  Tyrus and I had satays again and then we went to Hero World together, which is a game arcade.  It was so so fun!  We also went to check the times of movies and my dad tried to step over the ropes instead of going around them.  He almost fell over and everyone laughed, even Tyrus Mum and I and the ladies behind the desk.  It was very very funny!


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