Day 2 – 8/6/15

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In the morning at pathawun princess we ate breakfast. I ate fruit jelly, youghort, scrambled eggs, a crossant and drank a watermelon with Longon juice. When we got out the breakfast room we went  back to the hotel room and put our bavers on to go to the swimming pool.

When we got there, I went into the spa bath with my dad and Tyrus I went in the cold one.  The man who was the manager told us to get out of the spa because we were not 12.  My dad said tyres and I were 12 but he didn’t believe tyrus because he was a little bit too small but he believed me.  So we went out of the spa and hopped into the swimming pool.

When we went into the swimming pool…I got a free kick board.I said thank you to the pool manager.I did flips and sumasults. After we played chasey in the pool together.

A bit later on we had to get out of the pool to go to MBK.  MBK was a big shopping centre and for real there was actually over 100 shops there.  The MBK was 8 stories high.  The hotel had 29 levels I think and it was joined onto MBK.

We had lunch at the MBK and I had squid with fried rice. My brother was asleep so we had to bring him and my mum back a burger because she was looking after him because he was asleep.

After that my mum set up a website for me which was this, that I am writing on and I did my homework.

after I did my homework we were walking to get my dinner it was windy and sticking hot at the same time.  It took 20 minutes to get there.  we had to cross about 8 roads it was not that busy.  We were going to Hard road cafe for dinner.  We were waiting to get the menu I chose a hotdog and tyrus chose a burger.  It came on a guitar plate.

The man was being very kind because he gave us a cool little booklet with colouring in and stickers and there was a few mini games to play.  There were rockstars called skiddly, styler, buddy jr, razzi and sir kingston.  Sir kingston and styler were guitar players. Razzi was a keyboard player and a tambourine.  Buddy jr was a drum set player and skiddley was the singer and he was the leader of all of his band.

On the way back to the hotel we went to 7/11.  A 7/11 is like a small mart were there is a lot of your weakness stuff, like ice-cream, chocolate and soft drink. In the 7/11 we had 20bath each to spend, 20 bath is about 80 cents in Australia but everything is very very cheap here so you can buy a lot.

I got a yam yam chocolate flavour which is like really little bread sticks with melted chocolate that you can dip in.  Also I got an oreo packet which was strawberry flavour.

When we got back to the hotel we had to go to bed straight away because it was very late.



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