Day 11 -17/6/15

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We are still at Aloha.  We got up early and went to breakfast.  Then we relaxed for a while.

after we let our food settle, we went swimming at the beach and in the pool before we went with Daddy to go to training.  On the way to training it started pouring down with rain, even though the sun was just shining.  Thailand has tropical weather so when it rains it is still really warm.  It only rained for a little while then it stopped really quickly too.

When my daddy and I did our training together, we trained at the WMC Camp.  We did punches kicks, knees and elbows and uppercuts.  My favourite is a push kick.  A push kick is a straight kick but you push them hard in the tummy or chest which is good because if someone is trying to grab you you can just push kick them away.

After training we always go to get a smoothie at Apple Restaurant.

We came back to our room to pick up Mummy and get changed and ready for lunch.

For lunch we went to Baobab to see our friends Greg and Indy and their monkey ‘Guitar’ but Indy or Guitar weren’t there that day.  In Thailand people can have very fancy animals like monkeys as pets.

After that we went to the Tesco Lotus near us to get a few things we need and then came back to the hotel to relax for the rest of the afternoon.

We all went out together for dinner at a place near our hotel called scallops which is where the Indian restaurant used to be.

Then we went to bed.



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