Day 10 -16/6/15

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On day 10 we had breakfast. I had scrambled eggs with ham, french bread, croissant, bacon and a bit of muesli. I was very full after all that. We decided to go for a bike ride to the other side of the island called Maenam. We went to a new cafe and to a beach which was our first time there. It was very nice and calm and there were no waves. after my dads coffee, we went to Fishermans Wharf and had lunch at a place what was called The Frog & Gecko Pub. I had half a cheeseburger and fries. It tasted delicious.

The lady gave us a sheet of paper which on one side had a kids menu and on the other side was a colouring in sheet.  Me and Tyrus shared a big Fanta.

When we went onto the beach,  we had photos of me and Tyrus, my mum and dad. I got to take a picture of my mum and dad together.  After that my dad rode us all on the motorbike back to aloha.  On the way back I saw birds in big and small cages.  I also saw a lot of 7/11’s and minimarts and family marts and there is also a lot of trees everywhere.  When we got to aloha we looked at the fish in the lobby.  They were coy fish, they are symbols of good luck to the Thai people, as well as tigers and dragons.  In Thai good luck is said as ‘Chok Dee’.

In the afternoon we went to Thaiboxing.  Thai boxing is when people train to be fighters when they are older and learn how to have self defence.  A lot of Thai people and kids including me and Tyrus do Muay Thai.  We do kick, punch, elbows, front kicks, arm bars, knees and uppercuts.  The lesson me and Tyrus had was a private one.

After training we took a photo with our trainer Kru, which means trainer in Thai.

When we were finished we went swimming for only about 20 minutes in the pool.  My mum was taking to another lady while me and Tyrus went swimming.  she was a swimming teacher from melbourne.

For dinner we walked 2 shops down from our hotel to a place called scallops.  I shared a spagetti bolognase with my mum.  It was delicious.

After we went to bed and Mummy fell asleep with us.

Day 10 was fantastic!

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