Day 1 – 7/6/15

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I woke up in the morning at 3:20am because I was excited.  We had to go in a taxi, it smelt like a plane.  It took about 10 minutes to get to the airport.  Finally we got to the airport.  When we were at the airport we had macdonalds for a snack.  I had a bacon and egg mcmuffin and I also had an orange juice.

We had to board a plane what was called Cathay Pacific, so we had to give a kiss and a hug to mine and Tyrus’s Auntie.  We went on the plane our row number was 65.  I took 8 hrs to get to hong kong.  On the back of the seats in the plane there was a mini iPad. We had to use our hands and our fingers as the mouse.

We had to go to hong kong to change planes.  finally we went on the next plane, the plane was the same airline what was called cathay pacific.  We ended up in bangkok.  The hotel was called pathumwam princess.

I went to MBK the MBK is a very, very very big shopping centre in bangkok.  Tyrus and I got a watch which cost 75 baht each, which is about $3 each. It was a slap band watch.  I also got some thongs.  The thongs had jewellery on it.

For dinner we had hungry jacks because it was so late.  In thailand you are not allowed to have the water from the taps in your mouth because you will get really really sick. The weather was 36 outside for the temperature.

In thailand language Sawasdee is hello and cupunka is thank you.  Nit noi is a little bit and mai pen rai is no worries. Yindi ti di pop chum means nice to meet you.

The hotel had two tvs, one tv was big and the other one was small.  We all had to share a king sized bed.  The hotel room looks like very very clean house.  there is 4 rooms what are; the bathroom, living room, bedroom and a changing room.  We had a bubble bath in the big bath and it was slippery.  Then we went to bed.


What was your favourite part of today?


What was your least Favorite part of today?


what can you see out of the window today?


what food did you eat today?


what did you have to drink today?


what activities did you do today?


what did you learn today?


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