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Sawasdee. Welcome and hello from my family Holiday! This is Shiloh and this is my blog. This is my homework and it is all about my 2015 holiday in Thailand and Hong Kong. I hope you enjoy reading and following my travels and I’m very excited to share my experiences with you!


Day 11 -17/6/15

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We are still at Aloha.  We got up early and went to breakfast.  Then we relaxed for a while. after we let our food settle, we went swimming at the beach and in... READ MORE

Day 10 -16/6/15

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On day 10 we had breakfast. I had scrambled eggs with ham, french bread, croissant, bacon and a bit of muesli. I was very full after all that. We decided to go for... READ MORE

Day 9 – 15/6/15

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Today we woke up early, but I was the last one awake.  We went to breakfast and this time I had scrambled egg with nothing on it but bacon.  I also had musli... READ MORE