P'Sky is a group of family owned businesses located together in Lamai Beach, Koh Samui (near the WMC Camp).
Professional service and competitive prices are always provided when dealing with any of our P'Sky businesses.

MASSAGE: Included in this group is a family friendly, clean massage parlour. All massage staff are also highly experienced in working with the Muay Thai Camp to provide exceptional healing massages for anyone training and needing to heal fast.

RESTAURANT: The I-Sky Restaurant provides delicious and healthy Traditional Thai and Western foods, healthy shakes and maintains western standards of Hygiene

BIKE HIRE: Motorbike and car hire is available all year round and offer serviced and safe standards of vehicle maintenance. When hiring a motorbike you are also provided with a helmet.

TOURS & TRIPS: We also offer helpful bookings of great tours and trips on our island as well as neighbouring islands and staff speak great English so communication is a breeze.