Website Redesign


Does your website need a touch of love? Does it work on all devices and browsers?

In a technological time where new devices are constantly being used to access your content, the need for a responsive and clean website is high, as is the need to keep up with finding a balance of; fundamental design and structural methods, accurately reflecting your message and incorporating fresh design trends.  In order to maintain your competitive edge within the ever-changing online and environment and how people interact with it, you need to adapt and redesign your website appropriately to stay ahead of your competitors and in touch with your target market.

We look at your current site, see what changes are required (if any) and provide you with a brief report free of charge.  After the initial review of your current site we can tell you if we believe you require a redesign.  If your site, in our professional opinion doesn’t need a redesign and is up to date, we will happily send you a congratulatory message. If we identify areas of improvement we can provide you with a comprehensive site analysis*.

In order to take lead before your competitors, your website needs to be immediately attractive to your viewer and must have a design that reflects the culture and objectives of your business, brand or cause.

There are many reasons to redesign including; a change in your websites direction, fresh content, improved browser compatibility, enhanced navigation and site structure and mobile and tablet responsiveness.

A professionally crafted redesign will assist you keep up with the constantly evolving online environment.

When Do You Need To Consider a Redesign;

  • If You require better user experience.
  • If you need a more professional look.
  • If you need to enhance the search engine rank.
  • If you feel like your website does not accurately represent your message, brand or cause.
  • If you want your site to be accessible on all devices (E.G. Tablet, Mobiles, PC’s, Laptops).
  • If you require higher functionality then when you created your site (E.G. Adding a blog to your site or e-commerce functionality).

Our Redesign Services;

  • Build a responsive design to fit all digital devices.
  • Integration of social media.
  • Enhance brand image.
  • Enhance credibility.
  • Improve consistency.
  • Increase functionality.
  • Improve usability.

Throughout the process of Website Redesign we focus on the big idea behind the redesign and understand that strategic website design can change and increase a websites productivity.  Therefore to create a lucrative and accurate representation of your message in a competitive market is vital, as having a website that immediately stands out from your competitors on all devices is your greatest investment yet.

Get your complimentary, no obligation basic site analysis

*If you purchase the comprehensive site analysis and choose to work with us to improve your website, the price of the comprehensive site analysis will be deducted from the overall redesign fee.