Loyalty & Referral Rewards

Our Loyalty and Referral Reward System is our way of saying 'Thank You' to our ongoing loyal customers and anyone who recommends our services to their friends and network.

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Reward credit is issued in one of two ways:

1. When a new customer that you refer to us makes a payment.  As a referring customer you will receive 10% of the first payment made that a new customer pays.

Example: You refer your best mate to us and they purchase a $2000 website, you receive a once off credit* of $200 towards any of our services.

2. When you purchase an additional service through us you will receive 5% of the first paid service to be used towards any subsequent purchases.

Example: You purchase a $2000 Website, you will receive a once off $100 credit* to use on any additional services you purchase through us.

The best part is there is no limit to the amount of credit you can receive!

Example: You need a $1600 website from us.  You refer 8 clients that each purchase a $2000 website.  You receive $1600 credit* and in essence a website with no charge.


Credit will be tracked on purchases made through our website using a unique code and can be spent on any Einstein Web Design services. You can also use your credit to create Einstein Web Design vouchers that you can give to your friends or network.


*DISCLAIMER: Credit is virtual, meaning that under any circumstance you can not ‘cash out’ your credit for physical money.  Credit is only valid towards or on purchases made directly through Einstein Web Designs website.