E-Learning Development

With professionally created e-learning material you can save time, money and effort while creating impacting technology-aided learning for your online audience.

In today’s online environment eLearning is good for business and is a viable way to train people.  It is being used in both education and corporate sectors with great success.  We live and work in a digital culture, so eLearning is becoming more natural as we rely heavily upon online and mobile technology in our daily and work lives.

Organizations often turn to training for one-off teaching events in the effort to rectify a problem, or to help to facilitate change, the issue is that people are constantly learning, and often a message needs to be heard more than once before it is fully understood and acted upon. Learners need reinforcement beyond the face to face training.  ELearning also produces measurable results by improving the learners outcomes and assisting organizations to retain their talent.  ELearning effectively reinforces the objectives of an organisation and can cover five times the amount of material compared to traditional classroom courses.

Professionally developed elearning courses break down bite size packages of information, structure the content logically and provide the ability to deliver courses online.  The best part, is students learn in an accessible, adaptive, social learning environment that can be accessed over and over again with one click.

We understand that creating excellent value outcomes for eLearning is key to your message being understood. We do this by designing and developing content that will:

  • Engage your audiences with compelling visual presentations
  • Ensure your design is clear – with the correct font types, visual hierarchy contrast and colours for all screen display and screen sizes.
  • Use effective animations to present your message
  • Work with templates and slide masters to promote consistency and impress your audience
  • Design and create clear and compelling slides
  • Improve the quality of presentations for your organisation – and gain the results you need

The most important factor that ensures the success of an eLearning initiative is an effective plan, clear message and engaging visual representation of the message.  We work with you to agree on the technology, messaging, branding, and goals of the e-learning module/s you require and then develop them accordingly.

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