Corporate Course Creation

Course creation that is excellent value for money for you, and your audience.

Impressive education solutions

In a corporate and business environment, the reality for many of learners is that they are taking the course because they have to, and not necessarily because they want to.  For them, it’s a matter of getting in and out quickly and then back to work meaning the learner isn’t motivated by learning the content.

They only want to see the essential information, take the required quiz and get on with their lives.  They don’t want to be held hostage by a course that has them disengaged.  Don’t just tell them what they need to know and let them go, engage them with the way the material is presented.  The same is true for the any other learners taking a course because they want to.  While the motivation is different, they both want the course to be focused and a good use of their time and for the company, good value for money for both them and their learners.  In both examples, it highlighted the main sources of frustration for your learners which are too much or too little information or information that leaves the learners dazed and confused.

Our corporate and business course creation advantage:

We understand that creating excellent value outcomes for your course is key to your message being understood.  We do this by designing and developing content that will:

  • Structure the information in a logical process
  • Improve readability including careful colour schemes and contrast
  • Provide engaging visual layout, including strong use of visual hierarchy
  • Enhance brand and design consistency
  • Engage your audiences with compelling visual presentations
  • Ensure your design is clear – with the correct font types, visual hierarchy contrast and colours for display when projected, displayed on a big screen, or shown on a tablet.
  • Use effective animations to present your message
  • Work with templates and slide masters to promote consistency and impress your audience
  • Create of graphs and charts
  • Design and create clear and compelling slides
  • Improve the quality of presentations for your organisation – and gain the results you need

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